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What’s The Art of Arguing ?

When I first heard this, I remembering talking to myself , ” There is no art in arguing. Besides, you’re just too pissed to follow a certain chain of convenient steps.” I was wrong. Art is everything and in everything, there is art. It all lies under what you really aim for throughout and after…

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PMS Got Me Like

Do you ever deny who you are? No not like the way it sounds though. Do thoughts and memories pass through your head and spark a flashback and you feel sorry for what had happened or for what could have happened instead. Somehow you emotionally get so panicked that denying or suppressing those memories and…

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Stories Make Life Wealthier

During childhood, it is the bedtime stories that make every little monster fall asleep. Remember once you were that little monster?! Stories were proven to develop, trigger and enrich imagination as well as creativity. Unfortunately, as we get older, we form new habits in order to be a part of the society we live in.…

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