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Being A Woman In Turkey

For those who know less or none about Turkey, it is a medium sized country and geopolitically important as it was founded on the lands of both Asia and Europe. In Turkey’s history, there lies a drastic shift from fundamentalism to secularism, a transition from patriarchal structure to egalitarian structure thanks to our great founder…

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And He Lived?

“He died of cancer.” “He died of a broken heart.” “He died because he was too old.” “And he lived…” Why and how does that happen? When someone dies, people get into such a rush. They have a lot things ( mostly unpleasant and painful things) to indicate and share. Whether in life or in…

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The Charm Of Red

Welcome To The Land of Two Dimensional Color, Red! When I was a little girl, I was highly intrigued by the wide range of colors. It would take me long and silent minutes to decide when it came to either buying a new toy or a new fancy dress. I remember thinking to myself “…

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