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Spring’s Knocking At The Door

Can you feel it ? Can you smell the excitement spreading all over the air? Yay! Yes! Spring is coming ! Everything seems possible when each and every unlovely incident feels so far away and behind. I have written a list. Because only a list that is the verbal reflection of my determination could lighten…

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PMS Got Me Like

Do you ever deny who you are? No not like the way it sounds though. Do thoughts and memories pass through your head and spark a flashback and you feel sorry for what had happened or for what could have happened instead. Somehow you emotionally get so panicked that denying or suppressing those memories and…

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Is Paris More Than A City ?

I remember having conversations with myself as to traveling to other countries and cities. Nothing gives the excitement of packing your clothes to head to the unknown. It is a fun situation, a living scenario where the leading roles belong to you. In my world, it means I am the Indiana Jones. This time my…

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