Beware of Plagiarism!

On this website, each post is certified so beware of plagiarism!

Just like all other people who have faith in freedom and honesty, I am against plagiarism. I am against each and every form of cheating and copying. By stealing words and sentences that belongs to someone else or are written by someone else, one does not only break a law but also humiliates oneself. Being inspired, on the other hand, is something else. It involves so many positive levels and components as it is a harmless way of exchanging and triggering feelings and ideas, so it definitely has nothing to do with plagiarism.

Finally, I want you to be mindful of the fact that your success can last for a very short time if you ever attempt to plagiarize. An illusionary success is not a real success. Plagiarism is a sign of a self-deceptive personality.

I want to add that in any case of plagiarism, I am going to take legal actions.

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