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Hello there ! ☺️ Do you want to know more about me? Okay then, let’s meet 😉

My name is Ozge. Ozge means “different” and “stranger”. )

I was born on a rainy Sunday. ( 22.11.1987 / at 3.50 p.m. )

I was a very naughty child. ( I would beat boys. )

I studied International Relations & Political Science. ( I always wanted to study Art. )

I worked as a content editor. At times I worked as a translator as well. ( If it is about writing, count me in ! )

I am the second of four children. ( I have an older sister and two younger sisters. )

I am lucky enough to have three amazing souls as my sisters.

( By the way, being the second child is a lot of fun. You learn how to become a moderator.)

I love reading. ( I love imagining new worlds and pushing the limits of my imagination. )

Traveling is my passion. ( New adventures matures my perception of life. Oh, and it makes me hungry all the time :p )

I am very into chocolate. ( All I can say there is no loyal friend than a chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk.  )

And I write and write and write for I want to become a better writer.

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