International Happiness Day, Where ?

What’s going on with the world ? Have we put masks on our faces and are just playing the roles we were given ? How do we define being human ? Is it all about getting dolled up and flaunting around ? Is it all about finding a beautiful girl or a good looking man ?

How was your week ? How many ups and downs did you feel ? Why can’t we live in peace together ? What’s the history , what’s the starting point of this terror causing from inequality and antihumanism ? Why do we cause pain and despair in order to reach the better ? Why do we sacrifice others to get whatever we want ? I don’t know the way you feel but I can’t sleep well at nights knowing that there are people out there living on the streets. They have no foods, nor do they have anything to keep themselves warm and safe. Considerable amount of people have been living in poverty. So many of them have been moving from one country to another under severe conditions so that they can survive. They have no names, we watch them but has chosen to ignore them. They are the victims of wars. Wars that they did not waged, wars that caught them unprepared. They left their houses, their properties, their loved ones. Everything they had once is gone now. Who they are and what they do mean nothing to us,  as if they never existed on this planet that we call earth, Mother Earth. When put this way, our world sounds so embracing and compassionate, don’t you think ?

Why spreading hate and terror when loving is easier and sharing is too simple to perform ? I took showers countless times, I fed my belly with foods , I worked for my goals however, nothing kept me busy enough to distract my thoughts away from how brutally developed countries have been destroying less developed countries to ensure a much more better life for their own citizens. When will we understand this? Those boundaries ( religion, races, colors, beliefs… ) that were used to divide us have no meanings. We have no differences , we have different opportunities. For centuries, we have trampled down the others who obtain less luck and less chance. How could we get so involved with our interests ? When I was a little girl, I was certain that people were good and no matter what happened they would help each other. I’ve lost my faith in us, madness and evilness is in control of this world and it is expanding due to capitalism. It’s 2016, it’s the space age, it’s the innovation. Then, why can’t we educate all the people around the world ? Why can’t we educate them to prevent crimes ? Why don’t we help other countries while they’re struggling to become better ? Our selfishness and self-involvement will bring us nothing but a long term unhappiness and frustration.

Do you think that it is possible to maintain a happy life with high living standards forever when your neighbouring countries are wrestling with chaos and being dragged into war ? Yes, their war could lead you to a new gate of opportunities ( natural resources, construction needs, weapon trade, human trafficking….etc ) if you’re morally and politically blind. Masses have been governed by greedy men and women who hold great powers in their hands, their self-centered policies focus on one motivation, the motivation of spreading poverty and chaos. Peace is just a misleading word coming out of their dishonest mouths.

Today, in safety I am writing these very lines knowing that I could be a war victim, I could be drown in the darkness of dangerous waters while running away from war, I could be raped, I could be shot to death for no reason, I could die of poverty, I could be a child bride, I could be circumcised not to experience the pleasures of my sexuality….. I am no different than those people. I can keep writing a list until you’ll come to understand that your safety depends on the safety of others, your happiness depends on the happiness of others, my deterioration will cause your deterioration, my pain will cause your pain.

Spread the goodness.

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