PMS Got Me Like

Do you ever deny who you are? No not like the way it sounds though.

Do thoughts and memories pass through your head and spark a flashback and you feel sorry for what had happened or for what could have happened instead. Somehow you emotionally get so panicked that denying or suppressing those memories and moments become the only way out, out to the normal. Because deep down inside you know if they come to the surface -even for once- they will be there forever.They’ll rule over your personality. We have been denying ourselves, ever since we became the wannabes of some other people. We talk the same way as they do, we use the same hairpins, we shape our lifestyle, our idea of romance, our idea of a perfect day by their own norms and rules. We cover who we are at the expense of burying our uniqueness. Just because we want to run away from past feeling and incidents, we prefer to destroy who we could be aka -ourselves-. All I am trying to say is that what kind of cycle is this? If you don’t become a part of it then you’re weirdo or a loser, a loner and so many much more cruel names to be called by conditioned minds.

Well, what can I say?! My PMS is only getting worse. This time, there is no abrupt emotional instabilities and no unnecessary consumption of carbs. This time it is all about past incidents ( lies, betrayals, disappointments and unfair attitudes ).  In case you’re not aware, justice is only a written concept nothing,more nothing else. I look around and see so many wise people going through difficult times. This bleeding system has been forcing us to do the same things and in return, we’re unhappy and empty handed. The more you travel and have an idea of what other cultures are like, the more you feel how inequality has become the real disease of the age.

Women are the ones that have been highly affected by this corrupted system and perception. They sacrifice themselves just like that for nothing. They are not only working hard to get a job, but also take care of housework and kids. What about living ? Why do we live? Just for these? No, no this can’t be the meaning of life. If so, I sure don’t want it. Seeing women, in 2016, settling for less, ahh! Such a tragedy! Why the same things? Why does it matter so much to be like others, and do the same things at the exact same time so that we can flaunt and make meaningless comparisons ?  Such a glamour yay!!! What about men? A considerable amount of men are still mother’s boys and unfortunately, they do not even bother to move their butts to share the burden of the life once they committed to share. It seems like they have been cursed to stay like spoiled little kiddos forever.

I told you. So many messy thoughts! Thanks PMS for coming by. Now GO!

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From Pinterest


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