Blaming It All On The Internet ?

It’s been a while since I wanted to write a few words with regard to this topic and discuss people’s vision of what it is and what it is not.

You see how people who are older than you react when they are asked about the internet. It is possible that the conversation starts with a remonstrance such as “Older but golden days” and they tell you how things were handled and settled when they were young. Eventually, the whole conversation will come to a point where they feel the need to complain about the internet and how it has changed people’s way of living. In addition, it is very likely that they’ll show some signs of disaffection and antipathy towards the internet as it is the “main reason” why people broke with traditions and habits. Is it really bad to break with a tradition? Obviously, the internet has affected all of us in a bad way according to some. But how much of it could be true? Is it fair to blame it all on the internet?

There is evil and there is good in this world. We all say this. So don’t look too surprised when I say, ” There is evil and there is good in the internet, because simply it is a reflection of our world.”. We built it. How? Then please, continue reading 🙂 It is up to us to make a decision or make a choice when the times comes or requires. It depends on your intention. What is your intention then? You want to search a word, an author, a book? or you want to watch porn? You want to cyberbully? I am no sociologist, I am no saint. I am not going to lecture here. But if you ever studied economy or sociology, you would get to learn more about the correlation between supply and demand. So, I have no authority to say that porn is good, porn is bad. In case you ever want to know my personal feeling and opinion, the porn industry is one of the components of how women have been objectified. Furthermore, I want to point out that where there is a sign of demand for a particular need, there will be an impulsion in the marketplace to gather and provide supply for that very particular demand.

Without considering the basic facilities it provides, who are we to judge the internet? So, let’s consider some of the stereotyped complaints as to the internet. “People spend so much time sitting on a computer.”. What if they study, work or do some research? “People waste a great deal of time playing games.”. In recent years, many researchers and scientists proved that playing computer games is not bad for health. On the contrary, it is very good for health as it triggers our brain activity and enriches creativity. Within this context, I believe we should generate a more comprehensive sense. We should accept the fact it is all about knowing how you use this profoundly rich platform.

“People don’t write letters any longer.”, “Poetry has no meaning for internet users!” and so on. I think it is a little unfair to make baseless statements and accusations. I use the internet to write on my blog, I watch videos on Youtube, I read e-books, I take online courses thanks to edX …etc. Besides, I still write letters and I quite enjoy it. I make phone calls as often as I send e-mails. In a nutshell, I use the internet to educate myself and broaden my vision.Therefore, there is no point in disliking the internet. Consistency is not in the spirit of life as it keeps changing unceasingly. So, disappearing traditions might be the outcome of that truth. It is not that people don’t care about traditions, it is the lack of interest.


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