Pour A Little Christmas Spirit

So the good things do happen when the bad thoughts that we -knowingly or unknowingly- implant into the depth corners of our minds disappear.

Are you an optimist? Are you a pessimist? or, Are you a little of both ?

Well then, let me warn you! It’s Christmas Week, no one is allowed to be a pessimist. No sadness, no complaining and no regretting! This week is all about giving and sharing.

I truly enjoy celebrating Christmas and New Year. This time of year, wherever you look, it’s red, green and shiny. Colors were made to make us happy and they make miracles thanks to visual merchandiser. Have you been checking store displays ? Streets have become a 24 hours live exhibition of love. So inviting! Is there anyone who didn’t buy gifts this week? Hmm, I don’t think so. What if I told you there was an another way to fulfill Christmas spirit?

Many generations were raised with the culture of consuming. Woefully, there was a very important word they forgot to teach. Donation. In order to absorb the very meaning of donation, one needs to stop prioritizing one’s own wishes. Let me put this way. The first moment people hear this word “Donate!”, they initially make a weird face. They seem as if they have just eaten something  sour. Is it because they know a little about it? Is it because they question the reliability of charities, organizations, foundations…? Is it because they are so unwilling to learn about helping?

Donation doesn’t always mean that you need to donate money. You can either donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore or you can donate food (something you cook) . Whoever thinks helping has anything to do with money is completely wrong.

I wanted this article to be all about Christmas decorations then I changed my mind for I thought I could remind you and myself one thing about Christmas. Christmas turns out to be a greater joy only if you make the effort to lighten up others’ lives. There is no point in sitting in a warm living room knowing that there are people out there who need help and support. Affection and compassion do the trick! Reach as many people as you can, and then watch how quickly the seeds of hope blossom in their despairing hearts. Happy, Happy Christmas 🙂 I hope your happiness will be contagious, I hope you will always have enough food to share with others, I hope you will taste how it’s like to give someone a reason to believe in life.

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