Multitasking, Modern Times’ Trap

Time is against us. Some days, especially when we have heaps of things that need to be done in one day, it feels like time runs after us like a shadow in the dark. As it approaches behind us, we inwardly know that the defeat is close. What we really should know is that our species, our ancestors adapted themselves to the environment and they somehow managed to survive under conditions that many of us, today, would find extremely difficult, nerving and bestial. They were survivors and warriors. They were not less smart than us which technically might make us the complaining spoiled grandchildren, right?=D It is not my aim to praise their efforts and underestimate ours but rather, I want to highlight one thing, “If they had accomplished a lot, then we can do the same.”

“Easier said than done.”? Living our everyday life and running after stuff, we in fact deal with multitasking every single day of our lives. As I always say, “We were supposed to sent with a survival kit”, and let me add one more thing” In 2015, if you want to save the day and survive, you certainly need to multitask.” It is the inevitable story. So, what is multitasking? Is it an ability we should be proud of having or does it make our cognitive senses weaker? Are we learning how to get things done at once or are we just switching among multiple tasks missing important pieces?

It is the popular, commonly-held idea that multitasking is good for our mental improvement. On the contrary, it decreases the quality of our actions. At this point I am quite sure that you’re very surprised to hear this. As you can see, another “What we think we know is wrong.” case! It happens to me all the time. As cool as it sounds doing two or three things at a time doesn’t really mean that you have an upper level of analytic thinking and power, contrariwise it means your focus center broadens. As a result, dividing your attention will mess things up quiet easily and increase the possibility of making mistakes.

It is the tricky side of living in a modern era, we believe handling many things is a huge accomplishment for it supposedly makes us seem smarter and stronger. In my opinion, multitasking is an illusionary mask we over-enthusiastically put on to flaunt around. It is a modern time’s trap.

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