Empathy aka The Path of Finding Your True Self

There are times I can’t write, I can’t seem to choose the words to tell the story that’s been going back and forth in my mind so I developed my kind of formula to describe and analyze my situation. First of all, I try to find a quiet corner so that in that silence I may actually listen to my inner voice and find the right questions to ask myself, and give honest answers in return. I call it “self-interrogation”! As ridiculous as it sounds, it is what I do. I ask questions myself to understand myself. Does it work? Yes! Is it productive? Yes! Do I reach a conclusion? Eh!

Secondly, I am trying to be more understanding because I barely read the subtexts of actions and words that are performed and said by others. As a result, I thought, “Maybe I should watch and learn.”

Welcome to the eternal world of observation!

I watch, more precisely, I examine every single move people make. I remember reading something along these lines,”If one wishes to know herself better, then she should start her journey trying to understand others around her.”  Inevitably, I do find it so very hard to be my own self as I am not doing very good job at reading people nor do I act willingly to do so. The world has been changing, evolving and becoming newer, each and every day it’s getting more chaotic too. It is too crowded, too noisy to focus on myself. What else? Hmm, what about inherited stereotyped judgmental deduction of our environment?

Maybe I shouldn’t care this much. Maybe I should live in the moment of now! I wish we were sent to earth with some kind of a kit that could help us to understand what’s going on around us more properly. My writing session regarding the above issues often causes me to worry about things like negative comments and discouragements. Although I constantly make sure that I write for the sake of being “me, the witchy witch” and none can change this fact, my groundless and irrelevant concerns have been dragging me into the dark dungeons of restrictions. As a consequence, my thoughts, my visions and my imaginations got stuck and I felt too limited to write my words, my stories. It is my belief that to become a better writer, one should observe and absorb her surroundings. Even so, why do I have to be the very murderer of my creativity? Why do I have to internalized others’ feelings, confusions, thoughts and actions? At some point, to become a better writer you should let go of external factors. I’ve never been criticized for what I wrote however my eager enthusiasm diminished. Empathy is a didactic virtue. It is a skill, an experience of (simply) putting yourself in someone’s shoes. Furthermore, the ability to empathize is not really something that can be taught, one can learn it on her own. In my opinion, empathy is an invisible bridge we build to gain more knowledge. Unfortunately, the moment we get confused by the very concept of empathy, we become the very slaves of others’s opinions. We quit doing things our way to be “the thing” they would love to see. How pathetic is that? The worst part is that rather than being ourselves, we turn out to be “the copycats” of others. Getting people’s opinions and watching strangers’ pains and happinesses are certainly very productive and in connection with writing. Well, not just for writing, they do help you improve your inner world and personal traits. Despite all these, you are going to need to know how to distinguish the characteristic of empathy.

After all negative comments and point of views coming from outsiders, I neglected the most precious form of thinking, freedom, art, communication …etc.That being said, empathize with anything you wish to but don’t fall into the trap of setting boundaries around your thoughts and your dreams. Giving up on writing, giving up on becoming your true self.

All rights reserved by Oz.G.
All rights reserved by Oz.G.


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