When Does Sunday Become A Runday ?

Sunday has always been the most favorite day of the week for many of us. That’s why we call it Sunday-Funday, don’t we? We arrange breakfasts with friends, we go to a movie or in the worst case we lie in bed all day long which might be the most popular scenario for some of us and none of us have a complain about it. However, what I have been hearing from people lately really bothers me. “I have to pay bills on Sunday, I have to do laundry on Sunday, I have to get things done on Sunday…etc”. Basically, Sunday is becoming a Runday!

Is the very spirit of Sunday-Funday vanishing? Do we have to skip the joy of not doing anything except for what we want to? What happened to the tradition of getting up late and meeting for brunch? Why do we have to give up on our very personal Sundays? I know there are too many questions to answer but please ladies and gentlemen, we can’t do this to ourselves. It is unfair. As if it is not enough to work on week days and get bored to death, now we also have to get bored on Sunday?! No, no and no! I am not going to let that happen. We should start a campaign!

I have a list that may remind you why we should fight for the honor of Sunday-Funday!

  • Weekend escape ( Perhaps a spa appointment to refresh your soul is all you need! )
  • Tea time ( Call your friends and discover the best tea shops in town and start a long conversation. )
  • Coffee break along with a delicious cookie and a great book (You don’t need to spend lots of money for a happy Sunday, happiness is simple and Sundays are meant to be spent for happiness and fun. )
  • Meditation ( Light a candle, cleanse your mind, get away from all the negativity and all the noise and focus on positive aspects of your life. It’s the best way to prepare yourself for the new week. )
  • Delay your bitter responsibilities ( Let me give you a secret, you are no superman! You need to develop your own strategies and devices in order to recharge yourself. )
  • Take a long walk listening to music and commune with mother nature because nature is where you belong. ( Did you know that taking long walks increase creativity?) Motivation stems from inspiration. Go out and enjoy your autumn walk.
  • All rights reserved by Oz.G.
    All rights reserved by Oz.G.


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