The Power Of Chocolate, Eclair Au Chocolat or Hot Chocolate ?

All rights reserved by Oz.G.
All rights reserved by Oz.G.

In life, there come inexplicable moments of spiritual satisfaction and relief. Those moments have some sort of a secret power on us. We wind up writing a poem, we feel over the clouds, we make some blind decisions. Unless you wanted any dangerous side effects, what would you suggest? What is it that can guarantee a temporary harmless yummy form of happiness for you? Chocolate???

Chocolate is simply a passion. It is a valuable, popular and commonly used ingredient which has a 4000-year-old journey. Chocolate! Even saying ”chocolate” makes me eat chocolate. A festive for the mouth, an artwork for the eye and a tasteful reward for the hungry belly 🙂 What we know so far about it apart from its ancient history is that it positively influences the health, keeps your heart at a healthy rate when consumed consciously and reduces the level of stress hormones and etc.

How an ordinary person’s mind works when she eats chocolate;

“Trying to put my thoughts together, maybe verbalizing my feelings can help me reflect things I’d like to share. I know there will be a day as bright as the sun, I know there is a place where all the kids are fine, I know one day love will unveil the truth behind the outrage. My heart beats for the possibility of living in another place, my soul flies over the oceans and meets new people. I can rule the world!”

Seriously though, in time of sadness if it is not chocolate that makes us happy then I don’t know what it is. Especially us women, we are the ones who are in need of extra love and affection during our periods. Ladies and gentlemen, when sad and indecisive, trust the power of chocolate. People lie, on the other hand, chocolates never do. However, it would be such a shame to degrade this amazing taste into a consolation element, right? Please join me in my ride to the sweet history of chocolate. My wonder is an inevitable outcome of me being an eclair fan. It is not an addiction but more like an emotional escape. Okay, I adore them. I even adore the preparation and cooking process. Am I the only one who thinks cooking is actually an interactive piece of art? Hmmm, an eatable form of art sounds like promising.

With the arrival of chilly and romantic autumnal rains, my love for eclair au chocolat has gained a new guilty dimension. A small cup of hot chocolate with a mini eclair, can life get any better than this moment? While having a small bite from my eclair and breathing in the scent of hot chocolate, I got curious, “What’s the history of hot chocolate?” I already knew that the Mayans used to enjoy consuming chocolate hot whereas the Aztecs liked it cold. Today, I learned that in the Aztec culture cacao-based drinks were highly important and common. It was used to cure stomach disorders and many other health problems. It could be said that chocolate was some sort of an ancient medicine. Furthermore, the Olmecs were the ones who had a profound knowledge of science and happened to develop their own system to eat chocolate properly. In a few words, the Olmecs were considered to use a method which is quite similar to the chocolate production process we use today. Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez and the king of the Aztecs, Montezuma hold the key part in the history of hot chocolate. You know what, I am not going to tell you the rest of the story, perhaps it is time for you to get curious and google it but before, make sure you serve yourself a cup of hot chocolate since it would be the most appropriate thing to do :p

The historical aspect of chocolate is quite interesting yet I am more interested in the nutritional aspect of chocolate.

-It is rich in antioxidants and helps the body fight against cancer

-It is rich in calcium which is great

-It might be good for the heart

-It affects the psychology in a positive way

-It is healthier than coffee as it contains relatively less caffeine than coffee

-Especially dark chocolate is very beneficial for the bone health

I doubt whether you agree with me or not. In every case, I am in favor of using the positive effects of chocolate as the sweetest and the most innocent excuses not to deprive myself of its raw beauty. That being said, in my opinion, the reason people love eating chocolate might be the same reason they love eating ice-cream, drinking wine, shopping, cuddling a blanket and watching a movie, going on a vacation, dancing in the rain, singing loudly when no one seems to be around and so on. It’s about feeling better and happy, even if it is for a short time. Next time you eat chocolate ( which you probably may do any minute) please close your eyes, remember, ” Chocolate is a deep-rooted tradition “, feel lucky because there are people who are not as lucky as you are to taste it due to poverty, diabetes, allergic reaction…  In spite of all the listed reasons and effects, I guess I am more likely to hang on to the tempting feelings and the boundless thoughts that chocolate sparks in my mind which slowly capture my whole entity. Getting caught up in a whirlwind of happiness has never been so luscious.

P.S. Thanks chocolate. I love you! For so many years, you’ve been a very loyal friend to me. Now that autumn has arrived and winter is on the way, my mug is your home. Who wants a cup?


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