The Charm Of Red

Welcome To The Land of Two Dimensional Color, Red!

When I was a little girl, I was highly intrigued by the wide range of colors. It would take me long and silent minutes to decide when it came to either buying a new toy or a new fancy dress. I remember thinking to myself “ There are so many colors yet I get to pick only one of them. This is not fair. I love all of them.” As an indecisive little girl, I was pulled into a world where colors were the ingredients of my happiness. It was not a matter of consumption for me, it was a matter of  imagination and fun triggered by the shades of colors and how they made me feel.

Here are my supporting quotes ;

“Colors are the deeds of light, its deeds and sufferings.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goetho

“I am a believer that color affects people’s moods.” –Lilly Pulitzer

“When in doubt, wear red”-Bill Blass

After all these years nothing changed. Now, I am a 27 year-old young woman who is still going through similar kind of uncertainties. Unlike others, when I feel depressed I pick anything other than black to cheer myself up. Well, I must add that my taste in colors varied from time to time depending on my mood. In the earlier stages, it was turquoise then subsequently it was gray, dark green and burgundy. In recent years, I guess I became more obsessed with the color red. Do not get my obsession in the wrong way. I think I should add a explanatory note regarding myself at this point,. My obsession can’t be categorized under these two titles.

1- “Aww, I buy anything red.”

2-“If it’s red, then it’s beautiful and should be mine”

I’m charmed by the abstract subtext of red, and what is that?! It is the color of blood which is why its radiance symbolizes the life to me. Passion, lust, love, sex, anger, rage, happiness…etc I wonder how come this color can awaken too many opposite feelings.

Despite there is a widespread sense of how the color red reminds us of love, I believe we are rather in the position that we are subjected to strong emotions of this vivacious color. Although it is perceived as a dangerous color , in a sense it is an innocent-looking color with profound and deep meanings. The ancient Egyptians believed red was a powerful color. In Chinese beliefs, red is associated with creativity, good luck, celebration, happiness, joy, vitality…etc. In Thailand, it is the color for Sunday. In Russia, it is the color of Communism. In some cultures, it is the color of boldness and peace whereas in some other cultures it is the color of war and aggression.

No matter what we wear, no matter how much we read can we really hide our primitive necessities and impulses? (I do agree the fact that they can be controlled as we can educate ourselves) Is this why red is considered to be the color of extremes? It reflects us everything we try to keep covered. So as you can see it is no use blaming a color for the things it reminds us. It is not the color itself, perhaps what it brings back to our minds intimidates us and that’s what makes it seem so dangerous and assertive.

“There is a shade of red for every woman” Audrey Hepburn

Red is as bewitching as it is real which evokes both wild and pure feelings we bury deep inside. I am ending my post with a photo for those who are aspiRED to do something against all odds, against all norms 😉

All rights reserved by Oz.G.
All rights reserved by Oz.G.


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