Year Of Wars, Years Of Blood And Years Of Neglect

It’s been years…. Year of wars, years of blood and years of neglect. “To maintain stability” they say, what kind of stability is that? What kind of stability requires the death of thousands? Politicians along with governments drafted and regulated many laws and set of rules seeking their nations’ interests. For years, they have been repeating the very same mistake. Whenever they adopt a new policy towards conflicts, it boosts discrimination and marginalization. The use of deadly weapons which they are quite proud of  is destroying lots of innocent lives every single day. Throughout history, people have been told lies that for the sake of peace there must be war. Politicians made people believe that wars were necessary for the welfare and the prosperity of next generations. However dangerous it may be and however long it may take, peace will be achieved by the empathy of the good.

Fear, violence and mass destruction have always been the most favorable tools of governments executed by merciless politicians. All they do is planting expired inhumane thoughts into the minds of people. “Our borders, our future, our peace, our economy….” There are things superior and valuable than money and borders, such as having a moral compass. At the cost of people’s lives, can a bright future be provided? Or would it seem so shiny if people knew what really was going on? Politicians do forget one thing! Globalization, which by the hands of greedy politicians turns into a gun. Despite this, globalization is a magic wand and the unique proof which once again shows us that everything changes and evolves. There are no borders anymore, and no weapon can beat the feeling of ” being a world citizen”. Living in the age of information, people get to learn about wars and other tragic incidents easier than ever. This world which they have been trying to keep under control by dragging it into various sorts of chaos will be saved by those that they hurt the most. What do politicians do then? They work so hard to fool people that in the end, people bark up the wrong tree. Although their method is simple “create a lie, make it a truth, create a scapegoat” and for this goal they circulate deceptive images which result in demolition and annihilation, people will never get blind by their game.

We are chasing our dreams, looking for more and complaining about small things meanwhile in another less peaceful country, people are suffering. We have the tendency of neglecting them.  Thanks to facebook and twitter, this is beginning to change, people are more cognizant of the fact that governments are useless and causing more pain. People have never been more willing to gather around humanitarian reasons. Increasing numbers and members of humanitarian organizations underlines one truth, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” There is an unbreakable point which is hidden in this question,  is being British, American, Danish…etc more important than being human?

Concerning my point of view, there is a quote said by Sri Chinmoy, “World Peace can be achieved when the Power Of Love replaces the Love Of Power.” Any action that includes violence is unacceptable as it is an unfair affront to humanity. While living in the age of technology and innovation, it is too sad to watch people who are driven by primitive motives to fight over power and more. Even in books and in movies, they always preach the nobility of being human. On the one side we have ” power addict politicians/parties and their torments and on the other side, we have those who believe that the future of humanity lies in sympathy and unity. These very lines may arise the question of “what is war, a fight between the good and the bad?”,  as spiritual as it sounds, I believe it is the essence of the matter.

As someone who studied Political Science and International Relations, I can say that no book, no documentary and no newspaper can reflect the truth that’s why I know it is impossible to know what’s happening behind the scenes and that’s also why I keep saying ” I am a citizen of the world” when get asked ” Where are you from?”. Instead of laying emphasis on a specific nation and setting bounds in the context of explaining, expressing and making sense of my very being, I want to point out that I belong to this world and my humanity is greater than nations. Politics causes nothing but chaos.

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