Caught In The Crossfire

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“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”, I guess we all know what this proverb means. Life is strange and once again tricking me into believing that people can actually change for the better. But hey wait! What if they can ?

Living the city life, we get the chance to make new friends quite easily. Every single day we meet new people, we sit by them and chat a little. What about real friends we have?  Long before we were swollen by grown up habits, we were kids with big silly dreams. While dreaming of being a poet, discovering a new galaxy, finding a treasure … it is generally our real friends that we stand next to. Talking about almost everything , supporting each other by making needful critisms, laughing at stupid jokes that no one else but only we can understand and even inventing a new language so that only we know what you gossip about. This kind of friendship is necessary for a glowing soul. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have one and sometimes we are so hurt that we have to end it. It is not that that person is bad or good, it is the state of our minds shaped by our lives. We journey through so many stages, college, jobs, relationships …etc, so that feeling resentment becomes inevitable. We say and do things we thought we would never say and do. Feeling hurt and flowing in the direction of our growing hopes and fears, there is not much choice left for us but to say “This is over”. The hardest part is cutting someone care about and grow with out of your life. Is it because we hate them? Of course not! It is because we respect ourselves and there are unacceptable friendship behaviors.

A part of us is puzzled by the good old moments and we are emotionally on our knees on the other hand  deep down inside, we know it very well that some things can not be rebuilt. Loaded feelings of confusion are such a crossfire.

Things change, people change however bitter feelings never leave us. Is it worth the risk of disappointment?


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