13 Things As a Woman You Should Never Get Out of Your Mind

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Here we go!

1- First and foremost, let me remind that world history is full of women’s accomplishments. Women are the future of the world!

2-  You don’t have to be the “perfect woman” as nothing and no one is perfect. Growing strong takes some time and experience, be patient. You will face challenging conditions that will test your limits. Become your own conquerer ladies!

3- However, the world is a cruel place. If there is no withstanding difficulties, then there will be no glory to celebrate! Play big, win big!

4- Women don’t lag behind men as they are capable of anything men do. Don’t be intimidated by emtpy words, believe in your knowledge and your skills.

5- Although you’ve been talked behind and felt deceived, remember that your best friends are your fellow creatures, women!

6- Your are the driving force in your life, only you decide how your life is going to be like. It is nobody’s right to say a word about your life.

7- Have no fear to unite with other women for the sake of your freedom.

8- You only live once, therefore be steady like a rock and stay indifferent towards obstacles.

9- There is nothing more natural than standing up against things you don’t want to do. Learn to say “No!”. Prove yourself that you are not a pleaser, you are a rebel who knows her right.

10- As a woman, you are born with the gift of being a mother and an independent woman at the same time. Not every woman must have a powerful maternal instinct yet again every mother is a woman.

11- Putting your make-up on, getting all dolled up and being pretty. Do you really think that you have to be all these all the time? Nope! (Don’t be fooled by sexist ads & commercials that have been depicting women as sex objects.)

12- Each and every opinion you have is precious so do not hesitate to share them with others!

13- Nevertheless, whenever people get on your nerves and try to make you “shut up” just because you’re a woman, raise your voice and move forward.


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