Decisions & Confusions

All rights reserved by Oz.G.
All rights reserved by Oz.G.

Decision making is an indivisible part of  daily life. Divided into two parts as “micro decisions and macro decisions”, the process of making choices  (according to current circumstances for sure!) involves aims and objectives. Let us pay attention to the widespread prejudice?! Micro decisions seem more likely to have small scale impacts on our everyday lives whereas macro decisions carry the spirit of radical cure or radical disease that can change the whole flow. Micro- macro…. In my opinion, it is not really possible to know which is more intense, more powerful or more drastic. Shall I share a secret thought of mine with you ? I believe once you get to know yourself better (Your Values and Norms) you won’t need to worry about the gravity of your decisions. This thought puts me in a place where I begin to understand my confusion derives from my pursuit for happiness and newness.

Actually, I don’t have any big words to say such as “Decisions affect your life forever”, “Never make a decision when you’re angry” , blah blah. All I can say ” Decisions can make a little confusion”=)

Decision making  + Confusion  = Break Time!

Seriously, as human beings we hardly live for 70 years so why worry? The moment you feel as if you are being consumed by confusion, leave! Yes! LEAVE! Go out! Go after a daisy, I promise it’ll work!


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